Revitalizing Facials at the Best Spa in Cape Town

With our highly experienced beauty therapists, reasonable prices and exceptional products, Mai Thai Wellness Spa offers a range of world-class rejuvenating facials covering all skin care requirements. Our therapists’ knowledge will help you select the facial therapy best suited to your individual needs.

From problem skin facials to anti-aging facials, we have gorgeous custom beauty treatments especially for you.

We stock the award-winning medicosmetic brand, QMS, from Germany with its’ unique natural collagen driven formula, with proven effective results. Developed by medical and beauty experts, our QMS skin care system targets the cause of skin aging, eliminates deficiencies and restores your skin to peak condition, regardless of skin type, skin colour or gender.

We also stock 100% natural organic facial products from the Nautilus range from Bellabaci as well as from Harnn Thailand.


Founded in Germany, loved worldwide.

QMS Medicosmetics was the brain child of Dr.Med. Erich Schulte, an aesthetic surgeon and internationally-renowned authority on skin regeneration. The collagen-based product range was born out of Schulte’s research into creating the perfect cream to prep skin for surgery and help it heal afterwards.  He has revolutionized the way we treat and care for our skin. The company is fast growing and is now in 700 prestigious locations across the globe, including the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand – the first in Asia to launch this collagen-intensive luxury product line from Germany.


60 minutes / R890

Good for: Every age including sensitive or problematic skin.
A gentle cleansing and refining treatment through the combination of deep pore purification followed by the famous QMS Algae Mask which lightly firms, soothes and hydrates. This facial calms sensitivity, redness and inflammation and restores the basic functions of the skin. With the innovative QMS Repair 3 Complex to support and regenerate, this facial repairs the skin’s own protective functions and improves the overall wellness of your skin.

Deep cleanse facial


60 minutes / R990

Good for: Dehydrated and stressed skin. Highly popular with men and women of all ages
Hydrates, refuels and energizes the skin through the use of super protective marine collagen and deep penetrating hyaluronic acid which, together with innovative activation techniques, increases the supply of active ingredients to revitalize the skin, leaving it fresh and glowing. It is the ultimate facial for brides, bridegrooms, special occasions and those with tired jet-lagged skin after a long flight. Provides instant vitality – say “hello” to that summer glow!

Activator facial


60 minutes / R1190

Good for: Dehydrated, congested and stressed skin. Highly popular with men and women of all ages, especially those that travel a lot or work in air-conditioned environments.
The Urban Repair facial targets the damaging effects of daily pollutants on the skin and helps to repair the cellular structure to restore your skin’s natural luminosity and wellness. This facial combines deep pore decongestion with advanced skin treatment serums to promote detoxification, boost metabolism and accelerate epidermal regeneration. Designed to target and repair your skin from environmental factors leaving it purified, nourished, revitalized and restored.

Facial Cape Town Men


60 minutes / R1390

Good for: Skin suffering from premature aging and other damage and for more mature skin
This facial treatment is specifically designed to intensively stimulate cellular metabolism and micro-circulation, to bring back moisture and life to dull, dry, uneven skins by boosting oxygen supply and nourishment to skin cells via blood circulation. Your skin will feel firmer and you will gain a brighter skin complexion. It leaves your skin touchably smoother. This treatment is especially beneficial to those who are smokers.

The Urban Repair facial targets the damaging effects of daily pollutants on the skin and helps to repair the cellular structure to restore your skin’s natural luminosity and wellness.


75 minutes / R1590

Good for: Skin suffering from loss of balance or tone (popular for mature skins)
This much loved facial strengthens and regenerates the skin with a focus on the areas that are prone to loss of elasticity as skin ages. It delivers a lifting and tightening massage in combination with a collagen-boosting treatment to help improve the tonicity of the jaw lines, cheeks and eyebrows. Skin refining fruit acid exfoliation combined with deep penetrating hydrating ingredients, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, reduce excess oiliness, refine rough skin texture and at the same time smooth fine lines caused by dehydration.

Neo tissue dermie facial


90 minutes / R2490

Give your skin a super powerful collagen boost with this advanced specialized facial treatment. Developed to address premature ageing of the skin and improve its moisture levels, elasticity and overall wellbeing, skin is deeply hydrated, restored, and revitalized. Feel the rejuvenating effects of our sculpt and define massage, meticulously crafted to elevate facial contours, and unveil a more youthful appearance. This treatment gives back to the skin what may be lost from the natural decrease of oestrogen in the body. It features QMS Medicosmetics’ unique pioneering system of luxury high-performance collagens combined with advanced exfoliation technology to reveal firmer healthier skin that glows.

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Founded in South Africa, with 100% organic natural ingredients.

Where the tides collide of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean and meet the exceptional unique Fynbos of The Cape of Good Hope, the South African Super Skin Bellabaci Company have combined two extreme sources of active biotechnology to bring you Nautilus, voyager and purveyor of skin-intelligence. Rich in vitamins, minerals, essential oils and marine algae, the Nautilus products create the perfect canvas to repair and rejuvenate your skin, naturally.


60 minutes / R950

Recreate your skin from within with our 100% natural holistic organic facial. Defy the hands of time with this hands-on facial that addresses the skin’s aging mechanisms on a natural cellular level, providing a full-spectrum formula of active ingredients to promote radiance and age-defying benefits offering preventative care for wrinkles, fine lines and renewed skin tone.  Our Nautilus facial products contain active bio-technology ingredients from the oceans with uniquely South African cosmeceutical ingredients. Experience the specially combined pure quality high concentration of essential oils, algae, vitamins, minerals and pro-biotics, without containing any harsh chemicals such as parabens or preservatives.

Natural Organic Facial


60 minutes / R650

Good for:  Teens and Tweens, including those with sensitive or problematic skin.
For teens and tweens (both girls and boys) going through changes that affect skin appearance, our soothing Active Teen Facial re-balances the skin, deep cleans pores and calms redness and breakouts. Designed for ages 13-17 to restore healthy skin by using a combination of powerful ingredients such as natural botanicals, anti-oxidants and oil-free scrubs to unclog pores and reduce blemishes while intensely hydrating and soothing the skin. An excellent treatment for youthful skins of all kinds, customized to each skin type and sensitivity.

Facial FOr Teens Cape Town Spa