Mai Thai Wellness Spa is happy to announce that we have been chosen as the winner of the “Best Wellness Spa in South Africa 2022 Award” from the Haute Grandeur Global Spa Awards.

Haute Grandeur is one of the world’s leading Awards initiatives recognising overall excellence within the hotel, spa and restaurant industries representing 60 countries worldwide. The Awards are dedicated to support and encourage excellence amongst spas worldwide whilst aiming to strengthen the market share of those outstanding spas that are committed to offering their guests a “wow” experience.

From Mexico to Australia, Dubai to Hong Kong, from New York to London to Cape Town, the Haute Grandeur Global Spa Awards have gone to great lengths to bring the world’s hotel and spa industries together as a barometer of excellence for well-travelled discerning guests. By means of annual events taking place in various locations amongst 7 continents, the Awards provide the ideal platform for industry leaders to excel and raise awareness of the importance of constant quality and distinction that is the minimum requirement of being nominated for one of their prestigious awards.  The Awards are regarded as the pinnacle of achievement for spas globally.

For Mai Thai Wellness Spa, winning the “Best Wellness Spa in South Africa Award” for 2022 is a great honour indeed. It is testament to our constant endeavours to offer a world-class spa experience. It serves to encourage awareness about our highly professional staff team and our efforts to offer overall excellence and value in a highly competitive industry. As a small privately owned spa trying to make its way in an industry mostly dominated by established corporate brands, we are proud to have been chosen to win such a distinguished spa award. It guarantees our guests that our spa has attained one of the highest spa hospitality achievements.